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News / Mali
« on: January 20, 2013, 11:34:36 PM »
France's foreign minister once again announces what Canada is doing in their war with Mali. I guess we'll get the news tomorrow.

Pepe Escobar gives us the who/why/and wtf with Hollandaise sauce  :))

Provincial Elections / B.C. election/May 14/13
« on: January 18, 2013, 06:53:55 PM »
Well there seems to be a coalition of the Cons/Libs or coalition of 'free enterprise' to force thru the Northern Gateway and to stop the NDP.

I hope this kills the Liberals in B.C., it should, but things are so assbackwards who knows.
The dinner was last night, no idea of how much was raised etc.

Activism / IDLE NO MORE!
« on: January 15, 2013, 11:07:08 PM »
Well this fracking well explains everything!

Harper forces the press to pledge allegiance

The Conservative government and the new CBC/Radio-Canada code of ethics violate the principles of independence and impartiality that are so closely associated with the profession of journalism, and are a serious threat to the preservation of Canadian democracy, where freedom of the press is a fundamental value enshrined in our Constitution.

Technology & Science / Space
« on: December 21, 2012, 02:28:11 AM »
This is one of the most uplifting vids I have ever seen. Not 2001, not by a longshot. If you have 20 minutes to spare, enjoy. Someday this will be the grandmother or great-grandmother of being out there, our kids and great-grandids will laugh of course.y d It's dynamite stuff and really demonstrates what is real and what is hollywood.

I've watched it twice now, wishing to gawd almighty that I was just 20 and could train.

Municipal Elections / Former Liberal MP Joe Fontana
« on: November 21, 2012, 02:18:03 PM »
has been charged by the RCMP in connection with a cheque used to pay for his son’s wedding reception.<blockquote>The charges of fraud, breach of trust by a public official and uttering forged documents were filed against him Wednesday by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police following an investigation of more than two months. They relate to a $1,700 cheque issued by Public Works Canada that was used to pay the Marconi Club — a London social club. A copy of the stub from that cheque was obtained by The Free Press and published five weeks ago. The invoice number on the cheque stub, dated April 6, 2005, matched that of the Marconi Club invoice issued about six months earlier. A former Marconi Club manager told The Free Press Fontana later produced a similar cheque for the $18,900 balance owing. He said he remembered the payment clearly because he had to chase Fontana six months to get it.

Environment / Oil Tankers on B.C. coast
« on: November 20, 2012, 11:33:54 PM »
I thought I'd start a new thread for future oil spills if they occur.

Renowned Oil Spill Expert is leaving for Australia after downsizing

And much worse (from OC) - Brain drain - oil spill expert leaving country just when Harper government and industry intends to increase tanker traffic on the West coast, use the omnibus budget bill to open the Gulf of St. Lawrence to drilling, and the Nova Scotia NDP sold offshore drilling rights to BP of Deepwater Horizon Disaster fame. Transport Canada OKs oil tanker traffic in Kitimat

Activism / Just so ya know
« on: October 22, 2012, 08:55:43 PM »

"Things aren't always as they seem. petitions sell your information. But we have alternatives is a petition service made for us by us!"

"When you see promote a petition, you never have to wonder if we're doing it because someone paid us to," Biel wrote in an email to HuffPost. "For years, progressives have built a huge advantage over the right wing on the Internet, and it would be awful to lose that in service of a short-term payday."[/color]
[/font] leadership, in explaining the policy shift to its staff around the world, noted that some of the changes could not be implemented immediately because there would be no support base among current users for the advertising campaigns the company may pursue.
[/color]"It's irresponsible for us to sell advertising to a group that we don't have the audience to support, and it's bad user service to show users ads they don't want to see," reads an internal FAQ sent to scooped up many of the most talented and well-known progressive activists when it initially launched, making the company's departure from the movement more jarring.

Environment / 100 tonnes of iron sulphate into the Pacific Ocean
« on: October 16, 2012, 06:13:41 PM »
Brace Yourself.

An illegal geoengineering project has been detected on the west coast in the Pacific. This is to produce record salmon runs but I don't understand how it can be legal to go rogue like this.  :confused  And I don't see it in Canada's media. ETA - in yesterday's Star

A controversial American businessman dumped around 100 tonnes of iron sulphate into the Pacific Ocean as part of ageoengineeringscheme off the west coast of Canada in July, a Guardian investigation can reveal.Lawyers, environmentalists and civil society groups are calling it a "blatant violation" of two international moratoria and the news is likely to spark outrage ata United Nations environmental summit taking place in India this week.Satellite images appear to confirm the claim by Californian Russ George that the iron has spawned an artificial plankton bloom as large as 10,000 square kilometres. The intention is for the plankton to absorb carbon dioxide and then sink to the ocean bed – a geoengineering technique known as ocean fertilisation that he hopes will net lucrative carbon credits.

Weather / October - Squirrels In Charge
« on: October 01, 2012, 12:55:08 PM »
The Great Bird Migration Has Begun.

Hawks - Holiday Beach is blessed by geography. Migrating birds of prey don't want to cross a large body of water because they need a lift on thermal air currents. So the spot on Lake Erie becomes a bottleneck as migrating birds cross the narrower stretch of water to Michigan. [/size]

Activism / Oh Hail Harper Prince of Peace?
« on: September 20, 2012, 12:27:43 PM »
This is an Avaaz Petition, we've had discussions of clicktivism etc. and some people think that by signing petitions they are legitimising or giving credence to the unfathomable bullshit we are being presented with. In this instance this bogus human rights award is being given to Harpo only because of his support for Israel and closing the Iranian embassy. But ntl it is a slap in the face to Canadians as we know he could give a shit about human rights and democracy. 

This is Democracy Week - for that alone I've signed this petition. If anything I'm hoping it will make the smug basturd a little contrite while accepting this crock of shit award. Just as important The Appeal of Conscience Foundation is an obvious who's who of war criminals and should be de-listed as it is simply a pro-big business, tax exempt charity good at hiding their real agendas. :mad2  Please consider it.

Blogging Issues & News / Going Cold Turkey
« on: September 09, 2012, 08:09:23 PM »
My life after Anonymous: 'I feel more fulfilled without the internet' One of the key figures of the '50 days of Lulz' is now on conditional bail – and barred from going online. Here, he describes how he feels serene, and recharged
Jake is obviously talking to peeps his own age when he suggests going w/o for one week. Not enuf, I think a month to get into your own groove again. After that one may not want to come back. I'm considering it myself, but then winter is setting in soon, thoughts of buying a laptop........A week away at the cottage and I didn't give it a thought because I always have found the natural word so much more absorbing.

Activism / War as Entertainment
« on: August 14, 2012, 10:27:22 AM »
I kept seeing the ad for Stars Earn Stripes thruout channel surfing to get away from the Olympics. I tuned in last night for about 2 minutes and was shocked and disgusted. A small group of Nobel Peace Laureates issued a letter, whether it gets more than a 30 second reflection who knows. From the Women's Initiative.

Nine Nobel Peace Laureates today issued an open letter to the Chairman of NBC Entertainment, as well as General Wesley Clark and others involved in the new “reality” show premiering tonight on NBC—“Stars Earn Stripes—calling on them to walk away from the show immediately.

Take ActionThe Nobel Laureates have announced their support for a protest outside of NBC headquarters today, Monday August 13 at 5 pm – 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10112.Add your name to the RootsAction petition calling on NBC to cancel “Stars Earn Stripes.”Tweet at NBC! Here is a sample tweet:#WarIsntEntertainment We join with Nobel Laureates calling for NBC to cancel @NBCStarsStripes #StarsEarnStripes

Politics / Voter Suppression & Finance "Errors"
« on: August 07, 2012, 10:20:22 PM »
“Of course, the judges understand that, that’s why they came back from their summer recess to hear it, they understand the importance of a decision coming down without delay, as the legislation specifies, but this is historic,” he said. “That’s why I said when I came out of the hearing that win or lose, elections will be conducted very differently next time around. The assumption has been that these kinds of things don’t happen in Canada, and unfortunately guess what? They really do. So we have to look at how we run these elections.”
He said Elections Canada should be more transparent in their investigative process. “There are serious issues around Elections Canada. How do they go about investigating? The oxygen in a democracy is transparency. We have an open court system. Why do we have trust in the courts? Because it’s open. Imagine if it was a closed court system,” Mr. Wrzesnewskyj said. “Well, at Elections Canada, we don’t know what they’re investigating unless someone somehow finds out. We don’t know what the results are because they cut deals. That may have been fine in a situation where everything is above board, but we don’t have a transparent oversight body to investigate problems.”
Well we as a body of Canadians don't have much seer or input to our elections. But it is definitely time we do. I didn't know what to call this new thread, otoh I don't want to post in all the other threads we have re: the Con Way of suppressing our votes. That is not to say I trust anything the Liberals want or any other party right now. It's a new world and we have to try and stay on top of it. Not everything, of course. The Con Way disgusts me, especially with the Drone Buying, otoh what gov't wouldn't go for it? So, keeping ev. in balance is hard enuf on a individual, a family, let alone a nation in this new world.

The Arts / I, Pet Goat 11
« on: July 12, 2012, 09:28:47 PM »

“I, Pet Goat II” is a computer animated video that is loaded with silent messages and esoteric symbolism. While the movie has no dialogue, each symbol tells a piece of a story that covers the fields of history, politics, occult conspiracies and spirituality. We’ll look at the esoteric meaning behind the viral sensation “I, Pet Goat II”.
Produced by the Canadian production crew Heliofant, I, Pet Goat II is a short animated movie that quickly went viral across the internet. Praised for its visual feats and its interesting imagery, the video however left many puzzled about the meaning of its symbolism. Politics, conspiracies and false flag operations are mixed with esoteric spirituality and occult symbolism in one big mesmerizing mind bender. Here’s the video. (you tube, in case you want to read comments)

The book Bush 11 was reading during the 9/11 attacks.

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