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Translation please?
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Quote from: gunnar gunnarson
Oh sure, you can go to Fairweather, but let me pick up a frock there and the next thing I know, it's non-stop kvetching about my shmattes ...
 Ahem.  I do not shop there.  Heck, not even members of the Posluns family do.   :wink:


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Translation please?
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It's hard to buy any product, including clothing, that doesn't support labour abuse domestically or globally.

Although costly because of shipping and duties, I have increasingly purchased from on-line places like No Sweat.

Here are some tips from coopamerica:

1. Get Green and Fair Trade Fashions.

From organic t-shirts to business suits, from Fair Trade baby clothes to hemp dress shirts for men and women, you can find it all from businesses listed in the National Green Pages™.

2. Look for Second Hand Clothing Shops.

There are some real gems to be found in thrift and consignment shops. Parents, take advantage of second-hand clothing finds for baby clothes and play clothes for growing children.

 3. Make Your Clothes Last Longer.

Overwashing your clothes not only wears down the fabric, it wastes water and can introduce excessive pollutants into the water stream. Learn how to sew so you can repair clothes with holes and other imperfections.

4. Make Your Own Clothes.

Take a sewing class or get a friend or relative to teach you. Let your creativity run wild. Find cloth and textiles in the National Green Pages™.

  5. Hold a Clothing Swap.

Each year at Co-op America, we hold a clothing swap and invite staff and friends to bring in old clothes they no longer want and swap them for 'new' fashions...

The tailor/dressmaker next door is a miracle worker. She has repurposed so many clothing items that date back to the 50s and 60s for me and she and her small staff do the work right on the premises (no piece meal sub-contracting etc). We also have some excellent second hand stores here in Winnipeg (the best being individually run 'boutiques' in the Exchange District). We also do swapping (clothes, furniture and homewear) in our laundry room. We had one super who tried to stop it but luckily the new couple are totally into it.

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Translation please?
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Great post sparqui



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