Author Topic: Day 13 @ April Reign  (Read 3001 times)


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Day 13 @ April Reign
« on: December 05, 2006, 02:17:19 PM »
Menstruating: the act of being something that bleeds for 5-7 days and doesn’t die.

When we are born, we are usually born head first but it is what is between our legs that matters most.

Before the colour of our eyes, the shape of our nose, while we are still learning to draw breath, our lives are mapped, our dreams limited, our destiny set by the act of being born with a vagina.

What is it about the vagina that causes such disdain, such fear, such aggression?
“Damaged people are dangerous. They know they can survive.” —  Josephine Hart


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Day 13 @ April Reign
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2006, 07:19:53 PM »
As always, awseome.  Sooo glad you mentioned the huts. Gawd forbid we actually touch another bean whilst leaking except others of our own kind (or is that just, well as I said our own kind) You know I'm starting to think that there is a vast conspiracy afoot about women's vaginas. Whether they are leaking or not. My gina/cookie is totally available at the moment for MATING ALIENS  :shock:

Hey what can I say I've always wanted to initiate.
"Democracy is not the law of the majority, it's the protection of the minority." -Albert Camus 1913-1960


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