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War in Congo
« on: June 18, 2013, 01:53:58 PM »
UN has 3,000 enforcers.Almost unnoticed, the UN is about to fight its first war. That is a gamble worth taking (according to the Economist)

The risks in Congo are considerable. The terrain is tricky and local allies are unreliable. The 3,000 UN enforcers are not especially cohesive or powerful and some may have ulterior motives, including the defence of business interests. That could damage the UN’s reputation and undermine its mission. Furthermore, Congo suffers from far more than violence. Political institutions are dilapidated, corruption is rife, poverty is widespread and ethnic tensions run deep. No armed force can fix all that. Peace alone will still leave most Congolese in misery.Nonetheless, the new UN initiative deserves wide support. All previous efforts to end the bloodshed have failed. The recent history of war-torn African countries like Sierra Leone shows that peace brought about by foreign troops can boost political reforms and generate prosperity. Liberal interventionism is an unfashionable creed; in poor, benighted Congo, it is still worth trying.
The business interests are copper mines.

Children as young as 8 are forced to work in those mines. But who will watch the UN forces, they have been known to rape, make deals with whoever etc.
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