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Re: Toronto municipal election
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I'll only write such catty things about presenters (men and women alike) who look like plastic dolls - the women with that USian TV presenter plastic hair, the men with too much stiff stuff on their hair, all of them with too much makeup. You need makeup on air, but you don't have to look like a clown. It is rarely a problem on Radio-Canada - Céline Galipeau sure looks like a real human being, as did Michaëlle Jean, Bernard Derome etc. Michaëlle did straighten her hair at first when GG, but before the end of her term got back to a soft Afroish do. Of course those are all attractive people, but that is another matter.

I've been letting my hair go grey (it is a nice silver with black streaks) and I've also had a certain type of woman older than self walk up to me and lecture me about my hair. And I'm not even an electoral candidate.

Some grooming advice may not be out of line for candidates, as long as it respects their own style and way of dressing. It is a very public job. That is one of many reasons I'd turned down requests to stand for office municipally and provincially.
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