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This is about as union busting as you can get. Privatizing federal jobs after huge layoffs. The article doesn't say who the contract is going to, but I wonder, is SNC-Lavalin the benefactor?

The Conservative government plans to cut 19,200 public servants from the federal payroll over the next three years.

Just months after issuing notices to public servants that their jobs were being eliminated to save money the Defence Department is looking at paying a private firm $100 million to provide those same services, according to DND documents obtained by the Citizen.The contract would cover management services, maintenance and repair and janitorial services for army installations in western Canada, including 10 training areas and 17 armouries. -snip-The move to contract out the positions of public servants whose jobs were eliminated shows that DND is not dealing fairly with its workers and has been hiding the real motives behind the job cuts, he argues.

*Just a reminder the federal Liberals started this privatization to multinationals in 2001 under Martin, the goal being to privatize thruout all levels of gov't.
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