Author Topic: 160,000 attend DiversCité Montréal - but no Cons  (Read 1417 times)


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160,000 attend DiversCité Montréal - but no Cons
« on: August 15, 2011, 06:06:44 AM »
160,000 participants and spectators at DiverCité, the Montréal LGBT celebration. A record number of political, social, artistic etc personalities attended, but not one representative of the Conservative Party. (The president of the rightwing provincial ADQ did attend).

By the way, lagatta didn't go, and neither did at least some of my gay and lesbian friends - I was at the very first GayPride here (when it was held the same weekend as La Fête nationale du Québec, same time as many other places) and several there after, but gay and lesbian friends have expressed their disappointment at how commercial it had become, like being in a big pink and rainbow beer ad. "Radical queer" events are emerging, to celebrate and make demands in other ways.

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