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Re: The morrow was a bright September morn..
« Reply #30 on: September 30, 2012, 09:24:10 AM »
It is still gloomy here; we will be getting better weather, but not really see "la lune d'automne".

Today is International Translation Day, as it is the feast of St-Jerome, patron saint of translators, as well as archivists, librarians, archaeologists and various other nerdy professions. Going out with friends to a Peruvian restaurant a bit north of here, across from Jarry Park. Hope it will be pleasant. I'm dreading it a bit, as one of the friends had cancer and has had a recurrence - I'm not especially close to her (her spouse is the one I know far better in that couple; we have worked and been activists together) but obviously this is very upsetting, and always a bit of a minefield in how one interacts with a person undergoing such a difficult and frightening experience...

To end this post on a lighter note, Jerome in his study - this one by Dürer shows him in a very Northern European setting - with his attribute, his pet lion, dozing in the foreground; there is also a cute dog. In a legend that goes back to Aesop at least, the lion is friendly and tame because Jerome extracted a painful thorn from his paw.

However, I don't think that cats ever have failed to jump on their humans' paperwork, from Egyptian scribes working on papyrus up to contemporary computer-keyboard hogging kitties. I guess that is the real miracle.
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