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The TV news folks have been running articles and online comments about the quality of hospitals - CBC says 25% of hospital employees would not recommend their own hospital, citing lack of cleanness and other factors.
1.  I don't like the Sept-Iles (Quebec) hospital because it is extremely NOT user friendly for the hard-of-hearing: patients are called over the shrill, tinny  intercom to come to their appointments. Anytime I've been to the Sept-Iles hospital, I have to get their social worker to sit as my hearing guide for me. It's also in a difficult location - no stores or restaurants nearby. I think their food is from the 1950s. Bland. Same in the hospital restaurant. It's like a trip through time back to 1955.
2. I refuse any longer to be sent to the St. Anthony (Newfoundland) hospital because it is filthy. It's about 80 - 100 years old and needs to be renovated. The meals were okay.
3. I DO like the Blanc Sablon (Quebec) hospital because it's clean, I know a few of the staff personally (they're from the coast where I live and used to work), and the meals are superb. The hospital sadly is limited in scope - it only does minor surgery - and patients with extreme needs are sent elsewhere. This is the cleanest and best-run hospital I've ever been in. A shame it's so small.
ETA: Rate My Hospital - CBC News
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